RPP Brush Script missing

2018-08-15 – The fixed version is already online at the asset store. If still encounter this problem please update the asset, or download the script below. 

I recently discovered a missing script at my last update to the Random Prefab Placer asset, I have already uploaded a new version to the unity asset store which will fix this problem. As the update process takes a while till it is online, you can download the missing script with this link below:

Please copy the downloaded file in the scripts folder of the Random Prefab Placer Asset and it should work fine.

Low Poly Landscapes – Campsite

My newest assetstore asset is now online!

Put on your tramping boots, pack your backpack and enjoy the wonders of this astonishing low poly landscape.
Take a rest at the lovely wooden table benches and try some fried eggs with cheese with your friends.
Relax in your tent and count the 8 edged stars at night, but be careful, some adventures may be straight ahead!

LowPoly Landscapes – campsite pack awaits you!

contains 30 lovingly made 3D models;

supports Random Prefab Placer with included prefab brushes.

Latest update on Random Prefab Placer

I recently released a new update for my unity asset random prefab placer. I used my tool for a while now and found some points which could be improved. This update changes the removing brush behavior quite a bit. Now you have to select the special RPP brush first when you want to remove placed assets. Now only the selected brush objects will be removed, other objects, set with different RPP-brushes will not be affected any longer. I think this will be a major improvement to the first version.

one unity game-asset in a week challange

I have set myself to a challenge to publish one game asset per week to the unity asset store, I am curious if I am able to achieve my self-set goal. My first asset of this challenge is now under review by the asset store crew, I hope it will be released soon, here are some screenshots of it.