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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to this quick start guide for the RandomPrefabPlacerV2 asset.

If you have imported the asset correctly from the store you should see a new menu called “kawetofe tools” on your toolbar. Click on the “RPPBrushTool” option to instantiate a new RPPBrush instance to your scene. (only attaching the rpp script to an empty gameobject will not work as some dependencies are missing)

Now a new object called “RPPBrushTool” should appear in your hierarchy window. This is the main tool of the asset. 

When you have selected it you should see all the tool options appear in the inspector.

The tool has two main modes to use. The “Draw Mode” is used to draw prefabs to your scene. The “Static Mode” is mainly used to change or create the “RPP Prefab Brushes” used by this tool.

The asset comes with premade prefab brushes to let you get started. For your project, you will like to create new RPP Brushes with your models and settings. The description of how to generate these brushes will be in the next chapter of this documentation.


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