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using the prefab drawing tool

To draw prefabs on your surface the terrain or other object needs to have a collider attached. Otherwise, the script would not know where to place the prefabs to.

To draw with your selected RPPBrush use the Draw Mode for the tool. Use the left mouse button to draw the prefabs on your object’s surface.

To erase objects press the left control button on your keyboard with your left mouse button on your surface.

There are some options which you can choose for the drawing mode:

  • surface type
    select the surface type settings of the tool. The flat type is used for terrain like surfaces (top down), the spheric type is used when you want to place objects on any surfaces of your gameobject (walls, planets ….).
  • brush size
    edit the brush diameter of your tool
  • number of objects
    the number of objects the tool places when clicking the mouse button
  • alpha for removing
    use alpha value in percent for removing objects for your surface (hold control for removing objects)
  • ignore brush when removing
    if you have unchecked this setting only objects set in the selected brush will be removed, all other objects will not be removed by the tool.

if you still have any questions please contact me by sending me an email.

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